Turn concepts into engaging experiences by utilising our FREE E-commerce store Audit.



E-commerce Audits

Turn concepts into engaging experiences by utilising our FREE E-commerce store Audit.




1. The Discovery

Our Shopify Audit Services provide a thorough analysis of your online business, highlighting opportunities for development and highlighting positives. Focusing on improving user experience, increasing conversion rates, and simplifying processes, we offer actionable insights catered to your company's objectives. To realise the maximum potential of your store, our skilled team thoroughly examines design, functionality, SEO, and marketing tactics.


2. User experience (UX)

We carefully review checkout procedures, mobile responsiveness, navigation flow, and user interfaces to find any weak points and potential areas for development. We find possibilities to improve customer satisfaction, increase engagement, and raise conversion rates through thorough analysis and user testing.

Our creative team will use all of the information gathered from your marketing audit, with a primary focus on user experience (UX), to examine your Shopify site page by page in order to identify any potential pain points for your customers.


3. Technical aspects

Our technology audit services examine your e-commerce engine's internal workings to make sure everything runs smoothly. We carefully inspect the technology stack of your store, assessing factors such as scalability, security procedures, performance optimization, and integrations. We find any potential bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, or places that are ready for improvement through thorough study and testing. Our knowledgeable staff provides practical suggestions designed to improve the IT infrastructure of your store, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing conversion rates.


4. Marketing Potential

A thorough analysis of your e-commerce marketing tactics, including email marketing and social media campaigns, is provided by marketing audit services. We carefully examine every aspect of your store's online presence, evaluating things like audience targeting, content engagement, SEO efficacy, and conversion optimization. We find ways to increase your brand's visibility, reach new markets, and boost sales through in-depth analysis and data-driven insights.


5. SEO

The elements that affect your website's visibility on search engine results pages are examined by an SEO website audit (SERPs). It comprises a thorough examination of on-page SEO components to make sure they follow SEO best practices,

An SEO audit extends to off-page factors, including backlink profiles (link connections pointing to your website) and social media presence.Technical SEOaspects like site speed and responsiveness on mobile devices are also scrutinized to guarantee optimal performance.

This audit yields dual results

A thorough report with conclusions and suggestions, as well as a presentation highlighting important discoveries and immediate steps. We dive deeply into your Shopify business through immersive involvement through workshops, and data research, comprehending both concrete and intangible components, including the emotional core of your brand identity and mission. Our audits uncover opportunities worth seven figures and help with corporate alignment for strategic investment in critical business domains. They go beyond superficial assessments. Put your trust in us to explore untapped possibilities and drive your company's transformational expansion.

True stories of our clients


Store owner

Impressed by the free audit! It uncovered hidden flaws and suggested practical improvements. Post-audit, my store's performance has soared. The free audit was thorough and insightful.


Store owner

Outstanding experience! The free audit offered actionable recommendations. Post-development, store witnessed significant growth, thanks to strategic enhancements that improved user engagement


Project manager

I have been working with aumento infoway for all of my Shopify needs. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of Shopify, from audits to development.


Business owner

As a small business owner, when I reached out to Aumento Infoway and Pritesh for their free Shopify audits and solutions, it was a game-changer for my business.

Simon Delpha

Shopify Digital agency

We don’t need to spend as much time in meetings now that we use Aumento Infoway. Using Aumento Infoway has definitely saved us time and money.

Jenn Hung

Marketing agency

We have finally accomplished things that have been waiting forever to get done. Thanks to their free audit service, we are very greatful.