Understanding an Importance of Product Filters in eCommerce

Understanding an Importance of Product Filters in eCommerce

Understanding an Importance of Product Filters in eCommerce

Let's think, if you are a customer and looking for the right products from a bunch of categories, what would you prefer to find the correct product? Obviously, the majority answer is the Product Filters. Filtering options makes it easier to find desired products quickly and also can choose from a large product catalog. Without effective product filter options, there may be a chance of increased bounce rate as users will jump to another page while they didn't find expected results. Sometimes, it negatively impacts the audiences' mind. E-commerce businesses prefer Shopify Development or any other platforms to build stores, owners must have a sharp eye on building online stores as well as implementation of the product filters. 

What exactly eCommerce product filters are?

Product filter is the smart feature in eCommerce stores, which also can be considered as an ideal approach to reach the eCommerce goals. It helps users to find a particular product by just selecting some options like color, price, brand, and many more product variants. For example, if you are selling various men's clothes, the price range starts from 20$ to above, and users want a t-shirt in between 50$ to 200$, this filter options allow them to select the price range, so your product page will show t-shirts only between the selected range. They didn't need to scroll more mixed products. This way, the product filter feature is the best feature helping businesses to deliver the quality services.

Additionally, there are many benefits offered by the product filter options. Let's have a look at the core benefits of product filters.

Advantages of Implementing Product Filters:

As large and complex ecommerce stores are critical for business owners to maintain in terms of inventory management, order management, and any other points, it is also crucial for the consumers as well to find good quality products. With implementation of product filter, all parties can have multiple benefits as below:

Easy Navigation 

It doesn't matter the site visitors are new or old, it offers the perfect product browsing experience faster. All your consumers can select from the criteria of filtering. According to their selection they can see only products between those criteria. It is the best option to make purchases quickly even on mobile devices as users will have a list of the filtered products. 

Enhanced Product Visibility 

It is not required that all your products will have equal visibility.  Some of those can have the highest visibility because of market trends or the popularity of the product and some products will have less visibility while users search for the product. With the help of product filtering functionality, all products will have equal visibility chances. Apart from increased sales, this one is the noticeable advantage of the feature.

Better Shopping Experience 

Delivering a good user experience as well as a better shopping experience. For the success of an online store, sharing a good user experience is the most important aspect. Ecommerce Product Filters helps to enhance the shopping experience for the site visitors by reducing the bounce rate of e-commerce stores. Even for non-tech users or savvy ones, the use of product filters is very simple and easy.

Boost Purchases 

When a user will find the exact product they are looking for, they will make a purchase from your store. This way, it helps enhance the number of sales and generate more revenue. Product Filters help to boost the purchase. In case you are selling complex products which are tough to find, with product filters, users will get those products easily. Because of these reasons, it is important to build a Shopify online store which is featured with product filter options.

Types of Ecommerce Products Filters:

There are many types of product filter options that can be implemented. Let's have a look at the widely used product filters. 

  1. Product Price Filter
  2. Average Product Rating Filter
  3. Color Filter
  4. Size Filter
  5. Brand Filter
  6. Material Filter
  7. Product Popularity 
  8. Theme Wise Filters
  9. Product Category Filter
  10. Promotion Filter 

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