Aumento design, develop, support & grow strategic e-commerce stores with Shopify

Shopify Store Setup & Configuration

  • Basic Shopify Store Design

    Design features enable you to customize the appearance of your store, including themes, layouts, and overall branding, without requiring extensive technical expertise. With the basic store design, you can create a professional-looking e-commerce website that reflects your brand identity and engages your target audience effectively. With our expertise in Shopify's basic store design, we aim to help you create a visually appealing and user-friendly online store.

  • Shopify CMS Pages Create

    Creating CMS (Content Management System) pages on Shopify is a straightforward process that allows you to add valuable information and enhance the overall user experience of your online store. Shopify's CMS functionality enables you to generate pages with customized content, such as an "About Us" page, a "Contact Us" page, or pages for policies like "Shipping Information" and "Return Policy."

    Ensure that your CMS pages are mobile-responsive and offer clear and concise information to provide a seamless browsing experience for your customers. Regularly updating and maintaining these pages can contribute to building trust with your audience and enhancing the credibility of your Shopify e-commerce store.

  • Logo and Favicon

    Establish a strong brand identity with a captivating logo and favicon for your Shopify store. Our services specialize in crafting memorable logos that embody your brand's essence and values, fostering instant recognition and customer trust. Additionally, we create eye-catching favicons that enhance your website's visual appeal and credibility. With a focus on brand consistency and visual impact.

  • Necessary Apps to Complete Store

    Launch your online venture effortlessly with our meticulous Shopify store setup. From theme selection to seamless configuration, we ensure optimal performance. Our integrated apps include SEO optimization, stellar customer support, insightful analytics, and efficient inventory management. Leverage our tailored solutions, industry expertise, and unwavering support for a successful online presence. Begin your e-commerce journey confidently - reach out to us today for a comprehensive Shopify store setup and configuration.

  • New Domain for Shopify Store

    Leverage a new domain to solidify your Shopify store's online identity. Our services focus on finding the perfect domain that aligns with your brand's vision and resonates with your target audience, enhancing brand recall and credibility. We manage the entire domain acquisition process, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal disruption to your online business.

  • E-commerce Payment Gateways

    Key features of an efficient e-commerce payment gateway include support for various payment methods, robust security measures to protect customer data, compatibility with different devices, and integration with popular e-commerce platforms. By providing a seamless payment experience, these gateways contribute to boosting customer trust, increasing sales conversions, and fostering a positive shopping experience for online consumers. Popular examples of e-commerce payment gateways include PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net, among others.

  • E-commerce Products and Collections

    Shopify's product and collection management feature simplifies the process of organizing and showcasing your products, allowing you to efficiently manage inventory and improve the overall shopping experience. Products refer to individual items you sell, while collections are groups of related products that make it easier for customers to navigate your store.

    By leveraging our services, you can effectively showcase your products and collections, increase customer engagement, and ultimately drive sales for your Shopify e-commerce store.

  • Shipping Rates

    Our approach to Shipping Rates design is both data-backed and customer-centric. By deploying UX/UI best practices, our team of UX strategists and designers work together to make sure a storefront is not only designed to convert but also retain. We specialize in seamless integration of shipping rates, covering essential aspects like real-time rate calculation, delivery time estimation, and international shipping options. we aim to minimize cart abandonment rates and elevate user satisfaction.

  • Typography & Branding Color

    Maximize your brand's impact with strategic typography and cohesive branding colors on your Shopify store. Our services focus on expert typography selection, ensuring clear communication and seamless readability for your customers. We also curate a cohesive branding color palette that resonates with your brand identity, fostering recognition and emotional connection. With a focus on UI/UX optimization and mobile responsiveness, we create an engaging and consistent shopping experience. Contact us today to enhance your brand's visual appeal and recognition with our expert Shopify ecommerce typography and branding color services.